Innovative higher education teaching contents for achieving sustainable ACCESSibility of CULTural heritage for ALL


ENAT - European Network for Accessible Tourism

The mission of the European Network for Accessible Tourism is to make European tourism destinations, products and services accessible to all travellers

Interpret Europe

European Association for Heritage Interpretation which mission is empowering all who inspire meaningful connections with Europe’s natural and cultural heritage to shape our common future.

ICOM - The International Council of Museums

International organisation of museums and their professionals committed to the research, conservation and communication to society of the world’s natural and cultural heritage, present & future, tangible & intangible.

The European Museum Academy

The European Museum Academy is a volunteer society of museum experts from different national and cultural backgrounds, united for the advancement of knowledge in museology.

The European Museums Network

Thousands of museums and galleries from all over Europe in one place. With up-to-date visitor information, event calendar and collection highlights.

Consorcio MUSACCES

Museology and social integration: the dissemination of the artistic and cultural heritage of the Prado Museum to groups with special accessibility (blind, deaf and incarcerated)

ONCE Typhlological Museum

The Typhlological Museum was created in 1992 by ONCE and it is defined as a museum to be seen and touched. It takes its name from the greek word typhlós that means blind.

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