Innovative higher education teaching contents for achieving sustainable ACCESSibility of CULTural heritage for ALL
Registration to the Final International Conference

Registration to the Final International Conference

International Congress on Accessibility to Cultural Heritage.

“Innovative projects and experiences” – 25th February 2023


This Congress is proposed as part of the European Project Erasmus+ AccessCULT, whose mission is to increase the accessibility of museums and galleries for people with disabilities, to enable their participation in the activities carried out by museums and also to strengthen the connections between museums and associations of people with disabilities, in order to create a basis for a good cooperation in the future, as well as enriching regional policies with culture and heritage as an added value for socio-cultural sustainability, by exchanging experiences through synergy between the higher education sector, the cultural sector and people with disabilities with the help of communication and collaboration, taking into account the effects of innovation and creating a knowledge base that can span far beyond the end of the project.

Despite the growing number of projects and initiatives involving people with disabilities, they rarely have the opportunity to actively contribute to project outcomes as co-creators. From the Organising Committee of the “International Congress on Accessibility to Cultural Heritage. Innovative projects and experiences” we want to contribute some innovative ideas and solutions for the access to cultural heritage for all in equal conditions, taking into account the diverse conditions of the whole population by removing all kinds of barriers that prevent the enjoyment of cultural heritage for certain groups or in certain moments of the life of all people. This International Congress encourages the creation of spaces for joint interdisciplinary reflection between professionals from the fields of social and health care, disability and culture, with the collaboration of people with specific accessibility needs themselves, in order to jointly search for solutions that guarantee access to and enjoyment of cultural heritage for all.

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